Season 4 – Sponsors needed

Hosting an outdoor movie event would not happen without the support of our local business community. This project would never have lit up the night if it weren’t for the generous support of our equipment sponsors (see sidebar) and wouln’t have seen season 2 or 3 without our event sponsors (also on the sidebar).

It’s free to all attending but there are considerable ongoing costs including licensing, equipment maintenance, pre-show activities, decorations, contests etc. This year there are several ways to help us continue this program.

At the 9 movies to be shown at Fairview, Friendship and the Rose Garden, there are 10 spots total for on-screen 30 second sponsor messages. The total cost per sponsor is $300 which breaks down to $33 per event. These messages will immediately precede the movie. That’s a pretty affordable way to get your message of community support out to the potentially hundreds of people attending each of these events. What? You don’t have a 30 second message? Then go see our good friends at PostSputnik who will help you create what you need and also use it yourself on YouTube and your website leveraging the cost even further.

There will be additional opportunities to help us out in the form of Bowflags, Barrier Systems and/or T-Poles at these and other events.

At the Sun Inn Courtyard Series downtown (July 7, 14 and 21), there will also be 10 spots available for on-screen 30 second sponsor messages. The cost is also $300 working out to $100 per event to support this well received classic movie series.

We are discussing some 1-up events at various locations around Bethlehem (June 10 JAWS at Memorial Pool for example) this season and can include your message in these events as well. Looking for flexible sponsors who will sign on to support us for these events. Preference will go to sponsors from the parks and the Sun-Inn project first and again, there is a limit to 10 spots.

Please call the office 610-997-5732 to discuss the particulars.

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