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Ken Maze from Phillipsburg NJ wins Ski & Stay at Elk

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Comfort Suites Scranton PA

Congratulations Kenneth Maze from Pburg, you are the winner of the Ski & Stay Package from Elk Mountain and Stoketoberfest. You have won a Jacuzzi Suite at the Comfort Suites at 44 Montage Mountain Road in Scranton PA and 2 lift ticket vouchers from Elk Mountain. The prize package will be mailed to you today.

Stoketoberfest Photo Wall a Hit

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Here are the shots from the photo wall at Stoketoberfest.

There is still time to get to Stoketoberfest for tonight’s screenings of Grand Bizarre by Poor Boyz and After Dark from Level 1. Ice House is 56 River Street Bethlehem PA 18018. Doors at 5pm and films at 7 and 9pm. You get a free Elk Mountain Lift Ticket Voucher with every admission to Stoketoberfest and magazines and chances at the raffle prizes.

See YOU on the photo wall at Stoketoberfest

Get to Stoketoberfest tonight for the films and photo wall.

Attack of LaNina and Prime Cut tonight @Stoketoberfest

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Doors kick open at 5pm tonight at the Ice House 56 River Street Bethlehem PA 18018 to celebrate the beginning of winter 2011/12. Attack of LaNina will celebrate the dumpage we received last year and Prime Cut is the 10th Anniversary film for our east coast hometown heroes, the Meatheads.

Tickets are $16 and are available at the door. You get an Elk Mountain voucher with that and the early birds (first 150) get Mountain Magazine. There will be some posters and stickers and chances at about 20-25 raffle prizes. Everyone attending can also¬†enter to win a ski and stay package from Elk Mountain with 2 lift tickets and a Jacuzzi Suite. Don’t forget to get a photo with LaNina and the Valkyries and thank them for all the snow last year. If your nice, they may bury us again!

Stations Cafe has our back with great pretzels and snacks tonight and tomorrow. Buckmans Ski Shop will be there as well and on your way in you can check out the latest Subarus from Faulkner Subaru.

Afterwards, if you are 21, the party moves over to the Bethlehem BrewWorks down on the lower level to enjoy something cold and frosty, think about tomorrow’s films and the coming season.

Tomorrow, the fun starts at noon with doors open for TB20 from our buds at Standard Films. Kimmi Fasani will join us via Skype to intro that film and talk about her roll in it and her advertures last season and then One for the Road from TGR introduced by Dash Longe. Same deal on tickets for $16 for the afternoon.

We roll right into the night session with doors at 5pm for our 7/9 showings of Grand Bizarre from Poor Boyz and After Dark by Level 1 Productions. Saturday night session tickets are $16 as well.

See YOU at Stoketoberfest and see then you on the hill!

Skiing on the Cheap

Thursday, October 20th, 2011
Click for tickets

Your wack if you miss Stoketoberfest - click for tickets

I don’t know if this has dawned on you yet but if you attend all 3 sessions of Stoketoberfest (Friday Night, Saturday Afternoon and Saturday Night) you will have seen 6 of this year’s hottest ski/ride films AND have 3 lift ticket vouchers to Elk Mountain.

Let’s see. $16×3=$48 bucks for 3 great days at Elk Mountain. Plus a magazine, maybe some posters, maybe some stickers,, maybe a picture with LaNina and the Valkyries, maybe some prizes from the raffle. Hey maybe you win the overnight ski and stay and extend your trip.

If you are a member of a ski club and can gather 15+ from your club, it’s only $12 bucks in advance for Stoketoberfest. Get them to all 3 sessions and you can have 3 ski days for your club at Elk Mountain.

What are you nutz! Why wouldn’t you do that in these tough times. Get your tickets, get tickets for your buds. (Make them drive and save more!) Get to Bethlehem PA and stay at the Hyatt…walking distance to Stoketoberfest and the BreWorks afterparties.

WARNING: Seeing this much fantastic skiing and riding may cause a major stoke. If your stoke lasts more than 4 hours, immediately go to Buckmans and load up on the latest gear so you are ready when the flakes fly. You may develop a nervous twitch every time the weatherman says “temps tonight will be below freezing”, you may spend too much time locked behind closed doors waxing your board or sticks, may cause you to pack up and move to VT, Utah, Colorado, Alaska, Cham, Japan, always wear a helmet – ski/ride safe.

Click picture get tickets

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Click to get your tickets

In case any of you are having trouble finding the ticket link in the right toolbar just under the rotating box art, just click the picture below and start the process to get your tickets. Get to Buckmans if you wanna do it in person or Homebase Skateshop in south Bethlehem or git em at the door. See you Friday and Saturday at Stoketoberfest.

Very hard to concentrate on typing this cause I’m screening the Blue Ray of Attack of LaNina and the Bitch is most certainly Back. It rocks! See it Friday!

Spreading the Stoke on Rt 378

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Click to get tickets

Drivers need to know that winter is coming and Stoketoberfest is the place to get excited about that. While you are stuck in construction traffic, see how the big boys play in the snow. The big boys from Level 1 Productions that is.

Click if you like LaNina and Valkyrie

Click if you like LaNina and Valkyrie

Stick around on the bridge long enough and LaNina and Valkyrie might start dumping some snow on you just for the fun of it. Get to Stoketoberfest and see Attack of LaNina the Bitch is Back to see just how much snow piled up last year and just how to properly slay it.

LaNina and Valkyrie descending on Stoketoberfest

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Click here for ticketsBeware mere mortals, LaNina herself is coming to attend the movie made in her honor: Attack of LaNina. Valkyrie will also descend from above dispatched by Ullr to see if you are worthy of an awesome winter. Better please those in charge of wintery weather to ensure lots of cold and snow this year.

Get your tickets online, at Buckmans locations including the new Whitehall store, at Homebase Skateshop and at the door. See YOU at Stoketoberfest.

Catching up with Glen Plake

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Had a moment to chat with a legend…Mr. Glen Plake. I have to say, all the skiers and riders we met at the Buckmans Grand Opening were very very nice guys. Everyone was excited to be there, jazzed to chat about the past season, the coming snowy season etc.

Glen is full time in Chamonix now. If you haven’t seen Cham in films, it’s CRAZY. You rapel down and hang off cliffs to get to the skiiable goods. And I mean skiable if you are a master of gravity like Glen. Thanks Glen for taking a few minutes to chat with us about Stoketoberfest.

Kimmy Fasani from TB20 will videochat w Stoketoberfest attendees

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Kimmy Fasani, one of the stars from Standard Films TB20 will join us at Stoketoberfest via Skype Video chat to take your questions about her part in TB20 and intro the film for us. Doors for this double feature open at noon on Saturday October 22 with TB20 at 2pm and One for the Road at 4pm. Don’t forget, you get an Elk Mountain voucher with every Stoketoberfest Tickets so see the rock stars of skiing and riding ripppppppin it up AND get some primo time in at Elk Mountain!

See YOU at Stoketoberfest Kimmy!

TGR’s Chris Benchetler talks One for the Road

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Chris Benchetler from Atomic Skis and Teton Gravity Research talks for a minute about his segment in Jackson for the film One for the Road. TGR’s film is Saturday afternoon October 22nd at Stoketoberfest. It’s a double banger with Standar Films TB20. Double the fun. Come check out the superhuman skiing and riding these guys do all winter long.

Big thanks to our good friends at Buckmans for making yesterday THE CENTER of the ski and snowboard galaxy with 25+ of the top names in the industry in attendance. If you need gear, get over there and check out the goods. Tickets for Stoketoberfest available at all Buckmans locations and at the door.

Parker White Shoutout for Stoketoberfest

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Caught up with Parker White, one of the superheros from Level 1 Productions at the Buckmans Ski Shop Grand Opening Afterparty. Buckmans brought down the gods of skiing and snowboarding for a fantastic meet and greet event at their #6 shop here in Whitehall PA. Allentown BreWorks did a fine job hosting the Afterparty.

Parker was in last year’s L1 film called Eye Trip doing front flips in Sun Valley. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in Level 1’s After Dark. Come see it Saturday Night at the Ice House and then join us at the Bethlehem BreWorks to kick back and talk about the amazing films.

Check out the interview w Parker from our good friends at Powder Magazine.

Dash Longe to intro One for the Road

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Dash Longe will be joining us during the Saturday Afternoon double-feature to introduce Teton Gravity Research’s film One for the Road. Dash will be joining us via Skype video from Vegas. Bring your questions and ask one of the superheroes of skiing what it’s like to ski Baldface, Jackson and in Europe. Dash was also in Light the Wick which we screened last year.

Get your tickets to the right here on the sidebar or get them at Buckmans Ski Shops today.

See YOU at Stoketoberfest

Mountain Mags for early birds @Stoketoberfest

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Our friends at TGR have hooked us up with some free copies of Mountain Sports and Living Magazines for those who get there first for the 3 sessions of Stoketoberfest. That’s right, it’s a limited number for each show so in addition to seeing 2 of this year’s hottest films AND getting a voucher for an Elk Mountain Lift Ticket, you can get a free copy of Mountain Sports and Living. Get Stoked and get there early.

See YOU at Stoketoberfest

Get Stoketoberfest Tickets at Harvest Fest Saturday

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Harvest Fest is the place to be this Saturday October 8th. Why not pick up your Stoketoberfest tickets while strolling around doing your beer and wine sampling? Tickets will be available at the Downtown Bethlehem Association booth along with Bethlehem Calendars in front of Olios on Main Street in Historic Bethlehem from 11am to 4PM.

See YOU at HarvestFest and then…see YOU at Stoketoberfest

Stoketoberfest Sleepover at the Hyatt Bethlehem

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Stoketoberfest is a mind blowing collection of 6 of this year’s ski films screened in 3 sessions Friday and Saturday October 21-22 at the Ice House in Historic Bethlehem PA. Our hotel partner is the Hyatt within walking distance of both the Ice House AND the Bethlehem BrewWorks our afterparty site. Why not make a weekend of it?

The Hyatt (45 West North Street Bethlehem PA 18018) is offering rooms for Stoketoberfest at $129 a discount of their regular rate of $159. Plenty to do in downtown Bethlehem as it’s Doggy Days on Saturday on Main Street. Plenty of fantastic shops and restaurants to enjoy. Thousands of people come to Bethlehem for Musikfest and Celtic Classic and come back again after they see what a great downtown we have.

Call the Hyatt today at 610-625-0500 and mention Stoketoberfest to get the special $129 rate. See YOU at Stoketoberfest.

Get a Subaru, Get Stoketoberfest Tickets, get to the Mountain

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Get over to Faulkner Subaru if you need a new or used car to get you to the mountains. Every car sold by Faulkner Subaru between now and Stoketoberfest gets 2 free tickets to Stoketoberfest. Faulkner Subaru will also be at Stoketoberfest so if you are getting ready but not quite there yet, you can take a look at some hot new Subarus. Chris James and Meathead films rely on Subaru to get them, their skis, their camera equipment, their winch and ramps etc. to the hill in ALL KINDS OF nasty weather!

Remember Washington DC in Work it Out? They were able to get there when everything else was closed and get footage they never would have been able to get if the city were functioning as normal. Rely on Subaru to get you through!

Stoketoberfest Group Tickets Available Now

Thursday, September 15th, 2011
See YOUR GROUP at Stoketoberfest

See YOUR GROUP at Stoketoberfest!

Group tickets are available here and available now! Get your ski club buds together and light your winter stoke at Stoketoberfest Oct 21-22 at the Ice House. Group rate is $12 per ticket vs the $16 single tickets (Available at all Buckman’s Locations after October 1st). It’s set up in batches of 5 and starts at 15 tickets and goes up to 50 tickets. If you have a larger group, email me ( and I’ll add a larger group size to the menu.

Remember, there are 3 different sessions, Friday Night, Saturday Afternoon and Saturday Night. These group packages are for 15+ tickets to a single show. Make sure you purchase what you want to come see.

Get em while they are hot….See YOUR GROUP at Stoketoberfest!

Buckman’s Grand Opening – See YOU @Buckmans

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Wow, clear your calendar and get your #$$ to Buckmans on Friday October 14th for their Grand Opening and see the stars, load up on ski/ride gear, get some autographs and don’t forget to get your tickets to Stoketoberfest for October 21-22 at the Ice House.

Now’s your chance to shake hands with the superheroes of skiing and riding. Buckmans will be onsite at Stoketoberfest the following weekend in Bethlehem at the Ice House.

Stoketoberfest 2.0 Lineup for Oct 21-22

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

The nights are getting shorter, the temperature a little cooler. Your skis or board is calling you from the closet. You’ve pulled out the boot bag and rummaged through your gear. Ski and Snowboard Gear Guides are hitting mailboxes and newsstands…..that must mean it’s time to hear about the biggest ski and snowboard film event outside of NYC!


Stoketoberfest 2.0 will be held again this year at the Ice House on Sand Island at 56 River Street Bethlehem PA 18018 (for all you Google Map and GPS fans). We will rock the house on Friday October 21 and Saturday October 22 at the Ice House and follow up each night with afterparties at the Bethlehem BrewWorks.

Tickets are going to be $16 and will be available at all Buckman’s Ski Shop locations….including the NEW Lehigh Valley store on MacArthur Road (where Nestor’s was located). Watch for news about their Grand Opening weekend in early October. Buckmans will also be on-site at Stoketoberfest giving you a tast of all the goods available at the shops. Tickets also available at the door and group ticket sales will be available through our website. Groups of 15 or more can get tickets for $12.

Each ticket includes a voucher for a lift ticket from our Mountain Sponsor – Elk Mountain. Love hitting the trails at Elk. Always great snow and friendly staff.

So, the lineup….

Friday Night Session – doors at 5pm with the first film screening at 7pm and the second film at 9pm. Afterparty immediately following at the BrewWorks.

Attack of LaNina – The Bitch is Back by Matchstick Productions
Prime Cut by Meathead Films – 10th Anniversary Film!!

Saturday Afternoon Session – doors at noon with the first film screening at 2pm and the second film at 4pm.

TB20 by Standard Films
One for the Road by Teton Gravity Research

Saturday Night Session – doors at 5pm with the first film screening at 7pm and the second film at 9pm. Afterparty immediately following at the BrewWorks.

Grand Bizarre by Poor Boyz Productions
After Dark by Level 1 Productions

Check out the trailers (more…)

Prime Cut @Stoketoberfest Oct 21-22

Monday, August 1st, 2011

“Prime Cut” Official 2011 Movie Trailer – Meathead Films from Meathead Films on Vimeo.

Come meet the Meats and see their 10th Anniversary Film Prime Cut at Stoketoberfest October 21-22 in Bethlehem PA at the Ice House. Afterparties at the Bethlehem BrewWorks of course and swag, prizes and more.